Thank you to the loyal listeners of KOBE AM 1450. We apologize if we have disappointed you with our decision to change the format from News/Talk to Spanish Pop Music. We value the opinions and political views of all listeners and members of this community. In no way was the decision to change formats motivated by politics or bias towards any group. The reason behind the format change is economic and related to advertising revenue. We feel that there is need and demand to reach the Spanish speaking population that is so prevalent and important within our community. We truly believe in the principles of free market capitalism and understand it’s a double edge sword where there will always be winners and losers. "La Equis" KOBE AM 1450, is the only Las Cruces based and owned Spanish language station. It is time to keep Spanish language advertising budgets in New Mexico and not letting that money leave the state. Once again, thank you for your passion and loyalty to KOBE News/Talk and all the best.

Michael Smith
President and CEO

La Equis 92.7

Bravo Mic Communications

101 Perkins Dr.